Embassy Manila - Belarus

  Embassy Manila - Belarus

Belarusian Consulate in Manila
Consulate of Belarus in Manila

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Embassy Manila - Belarus



Embassies in Manila: The capital city of the Philippines draws many foreign and local visitors. But also an increasing number of Philippine citizens are travelling abroad to foreign countries for tourism or business purposes. To be able to service these people regarding consular matters many foreign countries have established diplomatic missions in Manila such as Embassies and consulates. The duty of foreign embassies is, among others, to service local and foreign citizens with consular matters such as document legalizations, visas and passports.
Various sections of a typical Embassy in Manila:
- Visa and passport section: Handle visa applications and passport applications and renewals.
- Consular section: Document legalizations with regard to marriages between a Philippine citizen and a foreigner, births and deaths. Usually the visa and passport section is inter-linked with the consular section.
- Trade section: Organizing international trade missions and assisting with international trade matters between foreign companies and local Philppine companies.
- Political section: Dealing with international and local political matters.

Belarusian Embassy in Manila: To be able to use the services of the Belarusian Embassy in Manila you should contact the Embassy directly through the contact details mentioned above. This website is not connected to the Embassies mentioned on this website.

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Embassy Manila     Embassy Manila
Embassy Manila - Belarus  Embassy Manila - Belarus  Embassy Manila - Belarus  Embassy Manila - Belarus

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Consulate of Belarus in Manila

Embassy Belarus in Manila